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At Watership, we are making the world a better place.

We’re serious. We do this by helping the people who are working to make it happen – through the things they do, create, work to change, or work to heal.

If that’s you – contact us, and let’s talk some more.

David Fisher
Certified Professional Coach

David’s superpowers are curiosity, creativity, and connection. As the Founder and lead coach of Watership Associates, he knows the power of the collaborative relationship that the client can have with a coach.

What We Do

Watership coaches are specifically trained to be and focus on being transformational coaches.

Whether you are challenged by:

  • Motivation, time management, goal setting
  • Clarity about life focus and purpose
  • Workplace issues and work-life balance
  • Relationship issues (personal and professional)
  • Creativity and creative blocks

We will partner with you to find sustainable, authentic solutions.

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